Sexy Mini Skirts With the Right Hosiery

Published: 08th August 2009
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Mini skirts and hosiery are simply women's clothing, right? Not really as sexy short mini skirts are among the sexiest garments a woman wears with a beautiful pair of shiny black pair of pantyhose or tights and they are perfect for Clubbing. Wearing a mini skirt is pretty simple as they go with just about every kind of hosiery you can think of and that with stiletto's might help account for their popularity in 2009. To some extent the ongoing desire for pantyhose fashion and mini skirts is their simplicity and sex appeal. Few will deny that suggesting she wear a mini skirt is just like saying wear that sexy skirt that happens to rest on your upper thighs. IT goes without saying there is nothing more sexier than pantyhose clad legs in stiletto's toped off with a mini skirt! Since the 1960's women have been wearing mini skirts and later on micro mini skirts have seen some popularity as well. Separates like a skirt and top, skirt and sweater and the like have grown in popularity as they allow women to mix and match garments that extends their wardrobe and that is always a good thing. Mini skirts come in so many fabrics that it is hard to imagine being unable to find something to go with your newest mini skirt.

Women can wear mini skirts with high heels that dresses up the skirt but wear them with caution. A mini skirt and high heels like a pair of 4 inch pumps with pantyhose is a potent outfit that sends the signal promoting her sex appeal. Men everywhere want more sex appeal and are getting tired of the boring leg and comfy flip flop trend on women. The height of the heel is one method to dress up or dress down the mini. Wearing flats with a mini skirt make it an outfit to go shopping in with footless legggins, wearing out for breakfast or lunch or other activities where you want to be comfortable but not draw a lot of attention.

The higher the heels, the more the attention as the heels will obviously draw attention to her pins, stems or otherwise known as sexy legs. The type of hosiery will also make a difference. Wearing footless leggings is a sign of a casual look particularly with a well tanned set of pins. Wearing pantyhose just might be appropriate but it all depends on the shade and the places you are going. It is almost a shame forget to sheath a pair of legs in sexy pantyhose to gain an advantage, but that is a personal opinion. Tights are an excellent way to wear mini skirts when you may be active or if the weather is on the cool or cold side. Colorful Tights are a great way to wear a very short mini skirt without the fear of showing off your underwear unintentionally which is always a thought when wearing a mini or a micro mini.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the time of year mini skirts are always a good choice. The man in your life will always enjoy you in hosiery and a mini skirt and if the occasion is dancing or the night club then a mini skirt allows you complete freedom of movement and an opportunity to look and feel sexy and feminine.

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